New Sounds: Jordan & The Sketcheads

0 JordanCombining a love of honest-to-goodness pop music and the infectious fizz of the stage, 21-year-old student Jordan Charles has been keenly incorporating his taste for the theatrical into musical forms for the last couple of years.

Jordan began this project back in the summer of 2010, and in the intervening years, has gradually assembled a group dynamic, which went on to be christened Jordan & The Sketcheads in 2012. The band members currently include Sean (drums), Tim (guitar), Ed (bass), and Jordan himself on main vocals and keys. As a unit, the band is now in the process of establishing its presence online, and has already developed a burgeoning following around their dual bases in Leamington Spa and Nuneaton.

The group have performed at various venues across Birmingham and Coventry, and when competing in this year’s edition of the University of Warwick’s annual Battle of the Bands, reached the Semi-Finals when competing in this year’s edition of the University of Warwick’s Battle of the Bands. Subsequently, they went on to perform at the Secret Stage at the university’s Summer Party, and have been producing a number of covers and videos over the past few summer months.

Their latest release is a cover of John Newman‘s ‘Love Me Again’, which will be announced today on the band’s YouTube channel and social media personalities. It’s a very impressive piece of work indeed, with the supercharged soul of Newman’s original stripped-back, and shifted into a major key. Jordan & The Sketcheads’ interpretation is more intimate in its delivery, featuring barely any of the bells and whistles which characterise the original, but even so, these alterations render the song sound no less triumphant.

0 SketcheadsAccompanied by dramatic piano chords and twinkling melodies, the focus is certainly trained more directly on the vocals themselves, and Jordan delivers a series of tremendous vocal acrobatics which exhibit a gutsy power. Excitable and with a firm charisma, it’s a seriously impressive cover, especially as Jordan makes the leap into that chorus refrain.

Catch their single online from this afternoon, and keep an eye out for further covers and releases from this group over the next few months. If you like the sound of soul-infused pop music with a dynamic voice at its centre, Jordan & The Sketcheads have plenty to offer, and then some.

For further information about Jordan & The Sketcheads and the group’s music, hop across to their Facebook page and YouTube channel.


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  1. Just found this blog, and eerily we have both written about Elysium and then Jordan & The Sketcheads in succession! Great article!

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