1 CamScur

A catalogue of interviews, artist profiles, and comment pieces, ranging from discussions with fledgling local artists to pondering the big questions, like how easy is it to have a Chinese Democracy on your hands?

A Tribute to Carey Lander (Camera Obscura)


A small tribute to Carey Lander, keyboardist and backing singer for Camera Obscura, who died of bone cancer after raising over £60,000 for Sarcoma UK.

Field Day 2015 Roundup (Hey QT)


Field Day rang in its ninth year in style, with evergreen icons rubbing shoulders with some of this decade’s freshest upstarts. Great bagels, too.

Back with a ‘Bang’: Blur and the Virtue of Ignorance


Blur are the latest players to prove that there’s no matching the seismic clout of a sudden return.

Record Store Day: Yea or Nay?


Why it’s important that we continue to cherish the communal properties of music, even as it becomes less affordable in physical form.

Music Journalism: Where Are We Now?


The death of The Fly – the UK’s “longest serving monthly free sheet” – opens up a worrying issue about the slow death and parallel fetishisation of print media.

The Spotify Issue: As “simples” as it seems?


The streaming service isn’t an ideal model, but perhaps lynchpin detractors should be railing against more integral issues with contemporary record labels.

Local Talent: Lewis J. Smith


Affable, baritone-d troubadour discusses music as a platform for storytelling, and how Kickstarter can rekindle one’s faith in humanity.

New Sounds: Jordan & The Sketcheads


A brief bio on charismatic, gutsy-vocalled Jordan Charles and his sketchy associates.

T in the Park 2013: A Retrospective


Rounding up the highlights of 2013’s bonanza in the Highlands.

Local Talent: Kitty Macfarlane


An interview with the delightful and sprightly Kitty Macfarlane; Warwick’s own folky heroine.

A Tribute to Butterflies On Strings


A send-up of hometown heroes Butterflies On Strings, whose pristine jangle-pop deserves eulogistic commendation.

Finding Comfort in Sound


Why bringing an instrument to university can be proactive, highly therapeutic, and perfect for neighbourly revenge.

“What happened to the album?”


Are short attention spans and compact schedules hindering our enjoyment of albums in their entirety?


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